A packed day for your dog...

Here at Keswick Kennels we hate the idea that your pet could be bored or stressed, so we have a busy, fun-filled routine with plenty of time for exercise, cuddles and treats.

Every dog is unique, and we know that what suits one may not suit another.

Our experienced team very quickly get to know your pet and we always work on a one-to-one basis so your pet gets tailored attention.

The day begins at 7.45am with early walking in the fields. All our dogs are individually lead-walked which gives special one-to-one time with the staff.

Breakfast is around 9am, followed by a second walk of the day during which the pens are thoroughly cleaned, and the bedding freshened or changed as required which takes us up until 11am.

We carefully monitor the mood of your dog, and we encourage them to try treat-dispensing bones and other toys. They are then they are walked for a THIRD time between 12 and 1.30pm.

The kennel lights are then dimmed and the dogs are encouraged to rest and relax after their busy morning, which is a natural time for dogs to sleep. Before they are settled down every pet is given a treat, and we always have background music for them (including classical!)

The fun begins again late afternoon, when the kennels open again for new arrivals.

Evening meals are given out, and the FOURTH walks of the day begin, usually finishing by 6.30pm at which point dogs are settled in for a quiet eveing and a sound sleep after their busy day in the fresh air!