Located on the opposite side of the site from the Dog accommodation, housed in converted farm buildings above the former veterinary surgery.


 Greta Bank Cattery is  peaceful, bright and spacious.


We have  comfortable accommodation for single cats  and   larger pens suitable  for 2  cats sharing.

We have  Pens more suitable for kittens and  old or infirm cats.  All our pens are adaptable.


All Pens have a two storey front section for eating/ sleeping  with separate toileting area.

All Cat Pens have  a GENEROUS EXERCISE AREA BEHIND THE EATING/SLEEPING AREA with an a range of play things, scratch/ climbing posts which our staff rotate to  keep our guests happy and stimulated whilst staying with us.


We provide 


 >>> Toys and bedding.

 >>> Vet approved complete dried and tinned foods (however If you want to continue with the usual diet for your cat, our staff will carry out your instructions.


Our staff are happy to administer medications when required and any special instructions will be carried out. Insulin injections do incur a small  charge of £1.50 per day.


 >>> Cats must be up to date with vaccinations and routinely treat for worms and fleas prior to  visiting us.



Comfy Simba

CATS           per night

One                 £11.00

2 Sharing       £19.50